After enrollment is complete, there is one requirement of HAFS parents — report quarterly attendance on time via our attendance form.  At the end of each quarter I will send out a reminder email with a link to the form and instructions for filling and turning it in to me.

Every reasonable effort is made to streamline this process for all involved. There is no need to make attendance more than the small task it is. It should not take any time or energy away from your unschooling or homeschooling experience.

Keep your own record of attendance reported.

What Counts?

Everything counts. You must report at least 180 days of attendance for each school year. You may count any or all days.  Learning is happening everyday, but you only have to report the minimum 180 days.  Choose the months you want to count as your school year and report that attendance on the appropriate quarterly reporting days.  For instance, in our house as unschoolers and because we learn something everyday, we mark everyday as “attended.”

The attendance you report to HAFS begins with the day your enrollment is complete. However, all of your previous attendance from elsewhere will count toward your 180 days.  Just as if you were transferring from one public school to the next, those days were attended somewhere and they do count!

You might not reach 180 days during the first school year your children are enrolled with HAFS if you enroll them during the middle of what you consider your school year. This happens frequently as people move in and out of Florida or change schools. This is not a problem. You simply report a partial year the first school year and report at least 180 days beginning with the second year your children are enrolled.  You may also transfer your days from the previous “school” just as if transferring from one public school to the next, all your attendance for the current school year counts.  Please just notate those dates on your attendance form when it is submitted.

Due Dates

Attendance reports are due at the end of each school year quarter.

1st quarter- September/October/November attendance is due beginning December 1st
2nd quarter- December/January/February attendance is due beginning March 1st
3rd quarter- March/April/May attendance is due beginning June 1st
4th quarter- June/July/August attendance is due beginning Septmeber 1st

Whether you school year-round, 6 months a year, follow a traditional school calendar, school every other month, are out of town or in your living room, reports are due at the same time each quarter.


A link will be posted on our Facebook page and you will be sent an email reminding you when your attendance report is due. It is the parents’ responsibility to send in attendance. It is the legal requirement to remain in compliance with Florida’s compulsory attendance law.  If at least 180 days attendance is not received by the end of the current “school year,” your child’s enrollment will be terminated.  Provided the attendance is turned in annually there is no need to re-enroll, just continue to turn in attendance quarterly until your child withdrawals or graduates.

See the Attendance FAQ for more.